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What caretaking services do you provide?

Working with residents, our caretakers will keep the shared areas of our flat blocks clean and free from obstructions and litter.

The caretaking service is provided from 8am to 4:30pm, Monday to Thursday and 8am to 4pm on a Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, two caretakers are employed between 8am and 12noon.

The caretaking service is provided to all flat blocks within the town, and there are three different types of service.

Programmed Service

A regular programmed service is provided at blocks of flats, which contain one or more special features such as lifts, extensive shared areas, laundry rooms, bin chutes and large bin stores etc. Mobile caretakers provide the following service between Monday and Friday.

At least three times per week, caretakers will;

  • clean all shared staircases, landings, corridors, walkways and ground floor entrance;
  • clear and clean the laundry room floor, walls and equipment;
  • check and clear refuse chutes if; 
  • clean the lift car, floor and walls; and
  • litter pick in shared areas.

At least once per week caretakers will;

  • sweep and remove refuse from all footpaths and drying areas within the boundary;
  • remove graffiti and spot clean the walls up to two meters high;
  • dust and wipe window ledges, handrails and balustrades; and
  • clear and clean chute rooms and bin stores.

In addition, the caretakers will moss and weed spray and clear the drying areas where possible in all our flat blocks three times a year, weather permitting.

Blitz cleaning service

Flat blocks receive the blitz cleaning service at least four times per year. Attending to health and safety matters, a team of mobile caretakers will visit the block and remove graffiti and fly tipping where possible. The caretakers will also clean out the bin stores, litter pick and carry out basic cleaning of shared areas.

Reactive service

All blocks (whether on the programme or blitz cleaning round), receive a reactive service which is usually prompted by residents reporting particular issues. This now includes all Supported Housing blocks and schemes.

A dedicated team is able to respond to any reported health and safety issue, whether it be the removal of fly tipping. If the culprits are identified they will be re charged for the removal. If culprits are not identified, the cost of your blocks service charge will increase.

How we deal with fly-tipping

You are responsible for removing and getting rid of furniture or other goods you no longer want. You must dispose of all your rubbish and unwanted items properly in the designated areas. If you leave any items in any of the shared areas, you will be committing an offence.

If we find that you have been fly-tipping, we will charge you at least £100 to remove the items you have dumped. In cases where we are not able to identify individual tenants, please be advised that this will impact on the service charge for the whole flat block the following year.

If you have any information about any incidents of fly-tipping, you should contact our Caretaking service on 01438 242666. We will treat all calls as strictly confidential.

Caretaking enquiries should be made to the Customer Service Centre on 01438 242242.