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Corporate values highlighting Straightforward.

We know that our success comes from the energy, commitment and determination of our staff.

We expect high standards and are committed to the development of all our employees so that they continue to excel and improve. Our staff work as one team and behave in line with our values.

Our positive behaviours include:

  • Reducing bureaucracy.
  • Working smarter and in a more agile way.
  • Contributing to the development of simplified and straightforward processes and procedures.
  • Identifying and eliminating time consuming or wasteful practices.
  • Thinking creatively about how tasks can be best achieved.
  • Contributing to the identification of processes that may generate efficiency savings.
  • Embracing technology where this supports increased productivity.

We work hard not to:

  • Allow working practices to become outdated or out of step with organisational need.
  • Waste resources.
  • Repeat mistakes, ignoring lessons learned.
  • Retain resource intensive systems and structures that are considered a barrier to change.