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Local Plan Submission Documents
Index Document Author/Source Date
LP1 Stevenage Borough Local Plan 2011 - 2031, Publication Draft - Regulation 19 (PDF 4.28 MB) SBC 01/2016
LP2 Sustainability Appraisal - Regulation 22(1)(a) (PDF 2.99 MB) SBC 01/2016
LP3 SBLP Sustainability Appraisal (as amended) - Regulation 22(1)(a) (PDF 3.18 MB) SBC 07/2016
LP4 The Stevenage Borough Council Local Plan Scoping Report - Regulation 22(1)(a) (PDF 4.83 MB) SBC 03/2012
LP5 Equality Impact Assessment - Regulation 22(1)(a) (PDF 450 KB) SBC 07/2016
LP6 a & b Submission Proposals Map (a), including Town Centre and Old Town inset map (b) - Regulation 22(1)(b)  SBC 01/2016
LP7 Regulation 22 Consultation Statement - Regulations 22(1)(c)(i)-(vi) (PDF 2.01 MB) SBC 06/2016


 Statements of Compliance
Index Document Author/Source Date
SC1 Duty to Cooperate Statement (PDF 4.59 MB) SBC 07/2016
SC2 Soundness of Self-Assessment Checklist (PDF 587 KB) SBC 07/2016
SC3 Legal Compliance Checklist (PDF, 190 KB) SBC 07/2016


Local Plan Documents
Index Document Author/Source Date
LPD1 Local Development Scheme (PDF 665 KB) SBC 06/2016
LPD2 Revised Housing Targets Consultation (PDF 1.91 MB) SBC 06/2015
LPD3 Revised Housing Targets Consultation - Statement of Consultation (PDF 1.73 MB) SBC 06/2015
LPD4 Stevenage Borough Local Plan 2011 - 2031, First consultation (PDF 7.04 MB) SBC 06/2013
LPD5 Stevenage Borough Local Plan 2011 - 2013 - First Consultation: Statement of Consultation (PDF 1.82 MB) SBC 06/2013
LPD6 Statement of Community Involvement (PDF 606 KB) SBC 05/2012


Technical Papers
Index Document Author/Source Date
TP1 Employment Technical Paper (PDF 667 KB) SBC 12/2015
TP2 Housing Technical Paper (PDF 346 KB) SBC 12/2015
TP3 Green Belt Technical Paper (PDF 264 KB) SBC 12/2015


Economy and Retail
 Index Document  Author/Source  Date 
ER1 Functional Economic Market Area Study - Stevenage, North Hertfordshire and Central Bedfordshire Councils (PDF 5.48 MB) Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners 07/2015
ER2 Stevenage Central Town Centre Framework (PDF 132.61 MB) David Lock Associates 06/2015
ER3 Strategic Land Availability Assessment: Employment (PDF 980 KB) SBC 06/2015
ER4 Stevenage Health Profile 2015 - no longer available (1 April 2022) Public Health England 06/2015
ER5 Revised Stevenage Retail Study (PDF 2.44 MB) Applied Planning 10/2014
ER6 Perfectly Placed for Business: Hertfordshire’s Strategic Economic Plan (PDF 1.71 MB) Hertfordshire LEP 03/2014
ER7a Stevenage Retail Study (PDF 2.40 MB)  Applied Planning 04/2013
ER7b Stevenage Retail Study Technical Appendices (PDF 8.16 MB)  Applied Planning 04/2013
ER8 Stevenage Employment and Economy Baseline Study (PDF 1.75 MB)  Nathaniel Litchfield & Partners 03/2013
ER9  Stevenage: Retail and Leisure Capacity Study (PDF 3.49 MB) CACI 03/2013
ER10 Healthy Urban development Unit: Using the planning system to control hot takeaways (PDF 632 KB)   February 2013
ER11 Burger Boy report (PDF 443 KB) Barnados 2004
ER12 Doctors Sound Alarm on child fitness and health (PDF 354 KB) The Guardian  January 2017
ER13 BEIS/DCLG response to Hertfordshire LEP’s Growth Deal 3 Bid (PDF 198 KB)   17/02/17


Housing and Population
Index Document Author/Source Date
HP1 Housing Market Areas in Bedfordshire and Surrounding Areas (PDF 6.32 MB) Opinion Research Services 12/2015
HP2 Stevenage and North Hertfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update (PDF 1.34 MB) Opinion Research Services 06/2015
HP3 Strategic Land Availability Assessment: Housing Update June 2015 (PDF 2.28 MB) SBC 06/2015
HP4 Gypsy and Travellers Site Search (PDF 7.88 MB) SBC 12/2014
HP5a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (PDF 1.71 MB) DCA 2013
HP5b Strategic Housing Market Assessment - Appendix (PDF 391 KB) DCA 2013
HP6 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Study (PDF 541 KB) DCA 2013
HP7 Aspirational Housing Research (PDF 1.25 MB) SBC 01/2010
HP8 Stevenage Design Guide SPD (PDF 5.38 MB) SBC 10/2009


Green Belt
Index  Document Author/Source Date
GB1 Review of the Green Belt around Stevenage – additional parcel assessments: addendum (PDF 1.18 MB) Amec Foster Wheeler 12/2015
GB2 Review of the Green Belt Around Stevenage: Part 2 – Site Assessment and Capacity Testing (PDF 7.36 MB) Amec Foster Wheeler 09/2015
GB3 Review of the Green Belt Around Stevenage: Part 1 - Survey against Green Belt Purposes (PDF 3.92 MB) Amec 02/2013


Transport and Infrastructure
Index Document Author/Source Date
TI1 Infrastructure Delivery Plan- 07/2016 (PDF 3.08 MB) SBC 2016
TI2 Stevenage Borough Infrastructure Funding Strategy (PDF 1.37 MB) Aecom 09/2015
TI3 Whole Plan Viability Study including Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) (PDF 7.74 MB) HDH Planning and Development 09/2015
TI5 Stevenage Borough Council Preferred Option Housing Assessment - Transport Modelling Report 2014 (PDF 6.30 MB) Aecom 02/2015
TI6 Stevenage Local Plan Model Testing (PDF 6.29 MB) Aecom 05/2013
TI7 Parking Provision SPD (PDF 1.52 MB) SBC 01/2012
TI8 Roads In Hertfordshire: A Design Guide 3rd Edition Hertfordshire County Council 01/2011
T19 Odyssey Markides Technical Note North Herts DC Local Plan (PDF 308 KB)   23.9.16
T20 North Herts DC Infrastructure Delivery Plan (PDF 1.35 MB)   September 2016


 Community Facilities
Index Document Author/Source Date
CF1a Sports Facility Assessment and Strategy 2014 - 2031 (PDF 24.14 MB) Nortoft 12/2014
CF1b Sports Facility Assessment and Strategy 2014 - 2031 – Appendices (PDF 4.21 MB)  Amec Foster Wheeler 09/2015
CF1c Sports Facility Assessment and Strategy 2014 – 2031 – Public Summary (PDF 400 KB)  Nortoft 12/2014
CF2 Stevenage Communities Strategy (PDF 664 KB)  SoStevenage n/a
CF3 Stevenage North Herts Secondary School Site Search (PDF 583 KB) (N.B. the site assessments and appraisals are available on request)    
CF3(A) Map of the short listed sites (PDF 870 KB)     


Index Document Author/Source Date
E1 Statement of Accordance with LNP Principles (PDF 88 KB) SBC 07/2016
E2a Stevenage Borough Council Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Update (PDF 3.31 MB) Aecom 06/2016
E2b Stevenage Borough Council Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Update Appendix (PDF 56.21 MB) Aecom 06/2016
E3a Stevenage Borough Council Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (PDF 8.39 MB) Aecom 06/2016
E3b Stevenage Borough Council Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Appendix (PDF 34.40 MB) Aecom 06/2016
E4 Appropriate Assessment: Screening Opinion (PDF 3.07 MB) SBC 05/2016
E5 Rye Meads Water Cycle Strategy Review (PDF 7.63 MB) SBC 09/2015
E6a Open Space Strategy (PDF 2.25 MB) SBC 01/2015
E6b Open Space Strategy - Appendices (PDF 4.92 MB) SBC 01/2015
E7 Stevenage Local Wildlife Sites 2013 Review (PDF 660 KB) Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust 12/2013
E8 Green Space Strategy for Stevenage 2010 - 2020 (PDF 1.27 MB) SBC 2010
E9a Stevenage Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study (PDF 1.20 MB) Halcrow 01/2006
E9b Stevenage Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study - Appendix (PDF 22.84 MB) Halcrow 01/2006
E9c Stevenage Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study - Summary Document (PDF 26 KB) Halcrow 01/2006
E10 2009 Water Cycle Strategy (PDF 6.11 MB)   October 2009
E11 Thames Water Long term Strategy (PDF 3.45 MB)   2015 – 2040
E12 Affinity Water WRMP to 2040 (PDF 3.65 MB)   June 2014
E13 WFD Objectives (PDF 115 KB)   Feb 2016
E14 Flood Risk Assessment: Climate Change Allowances (PDF 117 KB)   19 February 2016
E15 Thames River Basin District RBMP : 2015 (PDF 4.14 MB)   December 2015
E16 2015 Updating and Screening Assessment for SBC (PDF 486 KB)   April 2015


Conservation and Heritage
Index Document Author/Source Date
CH1 Heritage Impact Assessment: Marymead, Broadwater (PDF 1.21 MB) SBC 11/2015
CH2 Heritage Impact Assessment: Land to the North of Stevenage (PDF 3.34 MB) SBC 11/2015
CH3 Heritage Impact Assessment: Land at Shephall Centre and adjacent amenity land (PDF 685 KB) SBC 11/2015
CH4 Heritage Impact Assessment: Town Centre (PDF 1.41 MB) SBC 11/2015
CH5 Broadwater Conservation Area Management Plan SPD (PDF 1.55 MB) SBC 07/2012
CH6 Old Town High Street Conservation Area Management Plan SPD (PDF 2.16 MB) SBC 07/2012
CH7 Orchard Road Conservation Area Management Plan SPD (PDF 1.45 MB) SBC 07/2012
CH8 Shephall Green Conservation Area Management Plan SPD (PDF 1.25 MB) SBC 07/2012
CH9 St Nicholas/Rectory Lane Conservation Area Management Plan SPD (PDF 1.42 MB) SBC 07/2012
CH10 Symonds Green Conservation Area Management Plan SPD (PDF 1.45 MB) SBC 07/2012
CH11 Town Square Conservation Area Management Plan SPD (PDF 1.35 MB) SBC 07/2012
CH12 A review of the Stevenage Conservation Areas (PDF 4.08 MB) SBC November 2005
CH13 St Nicholas & Rectory Lane Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF 4.97 MB) SBC 2009


Annual Monitoring Reports 
Index Document Author/Source Date
AMR2 Annual Monitoring Report 2014/15 (PDF 14.89 MB) SBC  
AMR3 Annual Monitoring Report 2015/16 Partial Update (PDF 965 KB) (also Examination Document ED138) SBC  


Other Relevant Documents
Document Date  Description
ORD1 (PDF 8.84 MB)   North Hertfordshire District Council proposed submission Local Plan 2011-2031

ORD2 (PDF 449 KB)

28.11.16 SBC response to North Herts District council Local Plan consultation


28.12.16 Accompanying letter

ORD3 (PDF 252 KB)

September 2016 Brent Local Plan Inspector’s report - Inspector Katie Child B.Sc. (Hons) MA MRTPI

ORD4 (PDF 662 KB)

November 2015 Wymondley Neighbourhood plan area (as designated)

ORD5 (PDF 4.32 MB)

22.9.16 AECOM technical note on NHDC preferred Local Plan Scenario

ORD6 (PDF 523 KB)

May 2016 East Herts Gypsy, Traveller and show people accommodation needs assessment update

ORD7 (PDF 643 KB)

July 2014 North Herts DC Gypsy, Traveller and Showpeople accommodation needs assessment update