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Date of Original Policy: November 2013
Reviewed and Revised: July 2023
Due for review: July 2025
Owner: Tracy Jackson
Author: Lethius Charles

1 Aim of the policy

1.1 This policy aims to support under-occupying tenants who wish to downsize by providing them with practical support and financial.

1.2 A tenant is assessed to be under-occupying by having more bedrooms in their accommodation than is necessary for their current household composition. Housing Benefit might be reduced if your home is considered too large for you: this is sometimes known as the 'bedroom tax'.

1.3 Helping tenants to downsize appropriately will:

  • release larger properties for re-letting to overcrowded families;
  • make best use of existing council stock;
  • relieve the financial pressures on under-occupying households adversely affected by the rising cost of living;
  • help reduce customer debt and council rent arrears;
  • Ensure tenants have the right sized home.