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You must leave the property in a clean and tidy condition and in accordance with our leaving standards.

If you have any questions about the standard, please contact your tenancy advisor on 01438 242666. 

The Leaving Standard

Large item collections

We offer a Junk collection service for non-commercial, bulky household items, which are items you would generally take with you if you moved house. You cannot use this service after you leave your home.

Items that can be collected include; cookers, carpets, dishwashers, hoovers, mattresses, tables, settees, free standing wardrobes, washing machines, beds, bicycles, fridges and freezers.

We cannot not take; business and commercial waste, builder's waste, kitchen units, bathroom suites, gas bottles, car parts, asbestos, fencing panels and posts, sheds and greenhouses.

We will not accept responsibility for items left behind, we will recharge you for their removal and disposal even if there is only one item to be removed. For more information visit the large item collections page.


Make sure all rubbish is cleared from all parts of your home, including, if you have them, loft and balcony areas, gardens, sheds, greenhouses, garages and stores.

Make sure that you get rid of rubbish carefully in the bag and black bin provided or by disposing of it at the household recycling centre on Caxton Way which is a free service provided by Hertfordshire County Council.


Please leave the property in a clean condition, which means:

  • thoroughly cleaning the bath, toilet pan and wash hand basin.
  • washing all tiled floors and all painted surfaces.
  • thoroughly cleaning all ceramic tiled surfaces.
  • sweeping all floors (and scraping floors after removing carpets).
  • thoroughly cleaning kitchen work surfaces, cupboards and drawers.

If you have access to your own garden with your property you need to make sure that the garden is clean, tidy and free from rubbish. All belongings and furniture must be removed.

You should completely clear the entire property including, the loft, all storerooms, sheds, outbuildings, garages, front and rear gardens, all flooring, including underlay, carpets, laminated flooring and related insulation

Leaving your home in a poor standard

If you leave, incomplete, any work that you are responsible for doing (repairing damage and clearing away rubbish, for example) we will do it and recharge the cost to you.

If you have reported any outstanding repairs that are our responsibility to fix, we will do this before someone else moves in, and we will not charge for these.

If you fail to pay these recharges; we will take legal action against you to recover payment. If you continue to owe us money after you leave, future landlords may refuse to rehouse you. We will not usually allow our council tenants to transfer until their home is brought up to an acceptable standard.