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What is an emergency repair?

Emergency repairs will be attended to ‘make safe’ or to complete the repair within 24 hours of it being reported. 

Examples of emergency repairs are:

  • Insecure properties
  • Hazardous premises (structural damage, fire damage, dangerous glazing, communal lighting failure)
  • Gas escapes or blocked flue
  • Total loss of light or electrical power
  • Total loss of water
  • Lighting failure to more than one room
  • Faulty electrics sparking or smoking and/or bare wires
  • Sole toilet facility not working or severely blocked (rechargeable if due to your misuse, for example, disposal of nappies)
  • Loss of heating in winter months (October to March)
  • Missing inspection chamber (manhole cover)
  • Severe flooding caused by burst pipe or tank
  • Inoperable stair lift or lift
  • Communal repairs that represent a health and safety risk
  • Blocked drains (if backing up)
  • Damaged or dangerous roofs.

Please note that if we attend an out-of-hours emergency call out and you are not home when the contractor arrives or the issue is not an emergency, we reserve the right to charge you for the appointment. You will be charged the standard £103 + £30.90 (admin fee) plus VAT, plus the cost of any work that is carried out.

Report an emergency repair

Emergency repairs are flooding, faulty electrics or structural damage and isolating a water supply when a major leak occurs or boarding up a window to make a property secure.

To request an emergency repair, call 01438 242666 during normal office hours and 01438 314963 if out-of-hours.

Some minor repairs may be completed at the emergency visit. On occasions where we need to complete follow-on work, this will be scheduled and given either an urgent or routine response category.

Report a gas leak

If you think you have a gas leak, call National Grid immediately on 0800 111999 and follow their 'gas safety in the home advice'

Report a major water leak

Turn your water off at the main stopcock and your electricity at the meter and contact our Customer Service Centre on 01438 242666 or our out-of-hours number which is 01438 314963.

Report a burst water pipe

You can report a burst water pipe to Affinity Water or call them on 03453 572407.

If the burst water pipe is within the boundary of the tenanted property, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 01438 242666.