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We regularly collect refuse and recycling from houses and flats.


Your black refuse bin is collected every other week. Only waste contained within your refuse bin will be collected (no side waste will be taken).

Your recycling containers (red, blue, brown and black) are collected the week in between and any additional recycling will be collected if separated and contained appropriately.

Find out which day your refuse and recycling will be collected 

Flat blocks collections

For residents who live in flat blocks, refuse is collected weekly and recycling is collected fortnightly. Collections are dependent on each block.

When to put your bins out

Put your bins or boxes on your property boundary by 7am on the day of your collection but not before 7pm the night before.

Enforcement action may be taken against you if you keep your bins and boxes on the pavement. Bins and boxes kept on pavements can impact negatively upon the local environment, pose an obstruction and be a potential fire risk.

Service disruptions

Where there are planned disruptions to your usual collection day, such as a bank holiday, this will be marked on your collection calendar and on the online collection checker.

Should there be an unplanned service disruption, such as wintry weather, we will advise residents via: