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Request Waste and Recycling Bins or Containers

There is a maximum of one refuse bin allocated to each property but there is no maximum number of recycling containers, within reason.

Please Note

New recycling / refuse bins and containers are taking up to six weeks to be delivered.

You can collect replacement bins, bags and caddies from Cavendish reception. However, to ensure the safety of our residents and staff, a booking system has been introduced, call 01438 242323 to book your collection time.

Please do not come to our Cavendish Road depot if you don't have an appointment, you will be asked to return at another date and time when a booking has been made.

Additional or replacement container or bin

If your bin or container has gone missing or is damaged, you can request a replacement to be delivered.

If you find your lost bin, please tell us so that we can arrange to pick-up one of the bins.

As refuse bins and recycling containers are expensive items, you can reduce the chance of them being stolen by keeping them within your property boundary and marking them with your house number.

Delivery times for bins/containers vary according to staff availability and can, on occasion, be quite long. Alternatively you can collect from our depot on Cavendish Road.

Different sized refuse bins

If you recycle, a 180-litre refuse bin should be large enough for most households.

If you currently have a 240-litre black wheelie bin, but would like to replace it with a smaller bin, free of charge, please contact our team on 01438 242323.

Households that have six or more people permanently living at the address can request a larger bin. Consideration will also be given in other exceptional circumstances. If your application is approved, a refuse bin will be delivered to your property and your current refuse bin will be removed.

Replacement bin charges

Refuse Bin Container Who can apply? Charge for Replacement
180L black wheelie bin All households with 5 or fewer permanent occupants £40
240L black wheelie bin (current standard size) Households with 6 or 7 permanent occupants £40
360L black wheelie bin Households with more than 8 permanent occupants £40
Request a New, Additional or Replacement Bin / Container - opens new window

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are customers being charged for replacement refuse bins?

Each year, the Council spends £31,500 on replacement refuse bins for households in the town. Introducing a standard charge for replacement bins will help to recover those costs and ease budgetary pressures. The current spend does not include the time and fuel costs associated with delivering the replacement bins across the town.

Why do the refuse bins cost the same amount when they are different sizes?

The charge is a standard fee to cover the cost of the container plus delivery. An average of this cost has been applied to standardise the charge across all requests.

What is residual waste?

Residual waste is the non-hazardous household waste material that cannot be reused or recycled.

What should I do if my household needs to dispose of medical waste in the black refuse bin?

If your household produces large amounts on non-hazardous medical waste, you can be considered for a larger bin. Households producing hazardous medical waste should apply for a clinical waste collection.

Background information on recycling in Stevenage

  • Stevenage has the lowest recycling rate in Hertfordshire. The rate for 2018/19 was 40%. In line with our Climate Change Strategy, the Council’s target is to reach a recycling rate of 65% by 2030.
  • Stevenage also has the second highest rate of residual waste in the county, with 498 kg of residual waste per household in 2018/19.
  • Currently, six of the ten districts in Hertfordshire have a standard size refuse container that is 180L or smaller in size. All districts provide a fortnightly collection.
  • In exceptional circumstances, such as if the bin is damaged by the collection vehicle, the fee will not be charged.
  • Most households can now apply for their replacement refuse bins online.
  • To encourage recycling, all replacement or additional recycling containers will be provided free of charge.