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Future Town, Future Transport Strategy 2019

The Transport Strategy details a comprehensive schedule of transport-related plans and projects in and around Stevenage. It sets out the Council’s approach to sustainable transport, providing for coordinated action by a wide range of agencies and institutions, and a framework for planning and decision-making.

Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan (2019)

In 2017 the Government published its first Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy with an ambition to make walking and cycling the natural choices for shorter journeys. The LCWIP is a document used to implement the strategy at a local level. Stevenage’s LCWIP sets out a network of preferred and future routes for walking and cycling in the borough and identifies a programme of infrastructure improvement priorities to guide future works and investment.

Cycling Strategy

This strategy underpins opportunities to define behaviour change initiatives and infrastructure improvements that will be required over the Local Plan period to 2031. The strategy is people-focussed and covers all stages of life from early childhood until retirement. The Cycle Strategy Action Plan aims to restore Stevenage’s cycle network to its former status, improving and repairing / rebuilding it where it has been eroded and extending it to reach into the new development areas of the town.

Stevenage Mobility Strategy

(Vectos, December 2016)

The strategy is to design for and prioritise Mobility as a whole. It is to create even more attractive choices for movement than already exists, committing funds to physical improvements to the high capacity cycle network [which can be seven times more effective in terms of unit road space compared with car use], invest in public transport and significantly influence behavioural change by enhanced funding of new measures to promote and use the mobility options that already exist and will be improved.

The Mobility Strategy places a high priority on active travel (walking and cycling). The approach embraces national planning policy and promotes a strategy that is consistent Hertfordshire County Council Transport Vision 2050.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

(SBC, July 2022)

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) aims to identify the infrastructure required to support future levels of growth across Stevenage. The plan covers the period from 2011 – 2031, in line with our adopted Local Plan. It includes the latest position from infrastructure providers and builds on the 2017 Interim update which was produced to inform the viability study and funding strategy.

Whole Plan Viability Study including CIL

(HDH Planning & Development, 2015)

The report tests the ability of new development in Stevenage to bear the costs of proposed standards in the new local plan and support the introduction of a Community Infrastructure Levy.

Infrastructure Funding Strategy

(AECOM, 2015)

This report provides a high-level overview of how the schemes identified in the IDP might be delivered through a combination of CIL, grant funding and other sources if the recommendations of the viability study were to be implemented.

Stevenage Local Plan Model Testing

(AECOM 2015)

The outcome of this testing will go forward and assist in the development of the Local Plan for the area. It follows testing in 2013. Specifically, the aim of this technical note is to identify the potential transport related issues that may arise as a result of the housing development proposals and provide sufficient mitigation proposals to alleviate the problems. This document was written for the preferred option consultation in 2015.

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