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This is an explanation of the scheme’s key points but is not exhaustive and
doesn’t supersede the Traffic Regulation Order.

General information

  • The information you are providing us will be processed in line with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new UK Data Protection Act 2018. Further details on how we handle your information please visit our Privacy Policy page.
  • Parking permits are only valid in the zone shown on the permit. The permit zone letter recorded on the permit must match the letter shown on the permit sign. You are not permitted to park in any other zone.
  • Please note that having a parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space.

Maximum number of permits/vouchers per property

  • Resident’s permits are limited to four permits per property in Zone B or three in Zone OT at any given time and are only valid for the vehicle registration shown on the permit.
  • Each eligible property can apply for a maximum of 12 sets of 20 visitor vouchers in a year. These vouchers are for the sole use of visitors and are not a substitute for a residents permit.
  • Caring visitor parking permits are limited to two permits per residential property at any given time.

Supporting documents required with your application

  • Proofs of both residency and vehicle ownership are required before we can process an application for a resident’s parking permit. Failure to supply the necessary documentation within 14 days will result in your application being declined.
  • When applying for a Resident Caring Visitor Parking Permit your doctor or a professional medical/social care provider must complete the supporting application form as proof that you require regular care visits. 
  • When renewing your permit, you will need to submit up-to-date copies of the same information as required upon first application. This ensures that there is a robust audit trail and that permits are only issued to individuals, and for vehicles, that are eligible. Renewal reminders will be issued two to four weeks before permits expire.
  • Change of vehicle – an administrative cost of £10 will be charged. Proof will be required to show that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle (new keeper slip, insurance schedule or proof of purchase/sale). Failure to provide documentation and payment for the admin fee within 14 days may result in your application being declined. The old permit must be returned before we can process the request. Failure to return the permit may result in the request being treated as a new application, the normal documents will be required and the usual fee charged. If you are changing cars, please apply for a change of vehicle as early as possible.

Application process

  • You must allow a minimum of 10 working days for postal applications to be processed.
  • Permits will be posted via 2nd class mail. Stevenage Borough Council is not responsible for any items lost in the post.
  • All applications must be made in the manner determined by Stevenage Borough Council and we reserve the right to alter the application process at any time should the need arise.
  • Stevenage Borough Council reserves the right to check the particulars of any permit application at any time and may withdraw a permit if deemed ineligible.
  • You may be asked at any time to provide additional documents or evidence in support of an application.
  • Landlords and owners of the property are not permitted to apply for a permit unless they reside at the property for which the application is made.
  • Permits cannot be issued if:
    - the vehicle exceeds the Maximum Authorised Mass of 3,500 kg or seats more than 12 passengers;
    - incomplete documents are received; or
    - the maximum number of permits has been issued to your household (i.e. four resident permits already registered at the property).

Replacement permits, change of details and refunds

  • Replacement permits – if your permit is lost, stolen, damaged, undelivered or you require a replacement permit for other reasons you must apply using a new application form and select “To replace a lost/damaged permit”. This application will be subject to a £10 administrative fee.
  • Stevenage Borough Council reserves the right to decline a permit replacement request if we are not satisfied with the validity of the claim, or you could be asked to provide further information such as Police crime reference number.
  • Change of details - if you need to change our vehicle or address details additional documents are required and an administration fee of £10 will apply. Further information can be found on the Change of Vehicle page.
  • Refunds – if you no longer need a parking permit, we can refund any remaining complete months from the date it is received by us until the permit expires, subject to a £10 administration fee. Refunds will not be issued for returned visitor vouchers or caring visitor parking permits.


  • Misuse of parking permits or visitor vouchers, including resale of visitor vouchers, may result in a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) being issued and some or all parking permits and vouchers relating to the address in question being immediately withdrawn/cancelled and temporary or permanent loss of eligibility for replacements.
  • If we believe that an attempt has been made to obtain permits or vouchers through fraud or deceit, or to otherwise defraud the Council, this may also result in legal action being taken.
  • Parking permits or visitor vouchers must be displayed in the vehicle ensuring all the written details on the permit are clearly visible through the windscreen at all times. Failure to comply may result in a PCN being issued.
  • PCN’s will be issued to any vehicle displaying a permit which has already been reported as lost, stolen or undelivered. All Resident Parking Permits, Caring Visitor Parking Permits, and Resident’s Visitor Parking Vouchers will remain the property of Stevenage Borough Council and must be surrendered immediately upon request from a Civil Enforcement Officer or duly authorised officer of the Council.