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If you are changing your car, you will need a new Resident Parking Permit (RPP) displaying your new vehicle’s details.

To apply to transfer a permit to a new vehicle, you will need to:

  • return the existing RPP from your old car; and
  • provide Proof the vehicle pertains to the address; and
  • pay an administration fee of £10.

The RPP for the new vehicle will have the same expiry date as the original RPP.

If you are unable to return the RPP from your old vehicle, you will need to ask us to cancel it, and apply for a new RPP at the full annual cost providing full application details. Proofs of both residency and vehicle ownership will be required.

Moving house

If you are moving house to another eligible address within the Parking Permit Area, you will be able to keep your RPP/ Caring Visitor Parking Permit (CVPP) but must resubmit the relevant proof of residence at the new address and proof that the vehicle pertains to the new address. This is required so our records can be kept up to date and a robust audit trail maintained. An administration fee of £10 is payable to cover the necessary costs of administration.

If you don’t update your address, and the new resident at your previous address applies for an RPP, CVPP or Resident’s Visitor Parking Vouchers (RVPVs), this may result in the cancellation of any RPPs or CVPPs issued previously to you.

If you are moving house to an address that is not an eligible address within the PPA, you should return all RPPs or CVPPs you hold to the Council as you are no longer entitled to them. Any RVPVs can either be similarly returned to the Council, or left at the property for the benefit of its new occupant(s). We can refund any remaining complete months from the date your returned permit is received by us until the permit expires, subject to a £10 administration fee. Refund will not be issued for returned visitor vouchers or caring visitor parking permits.