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Who can apply for a Personal Licence?

A personal licence is needed by an individual who wants to sell or supply, or authorise the sale or supply of alcohol at premises that already hold a premises licence.

Any individual may apply for a personal licence whether or not they have current employment or business interests associated with the use of the licence. However, a licensing authority will only grant a personal licence if the applicant:

  • is aged 18 or over;
  • possesses a relevant licensing qualification or is a person of a prescribed description under the Act;
  • has not forfeited a personal licence in the previous five years, beginning with the day the application was made; and
  • has not been convicted of any relevant offence.

In addition, the applicant must not already hold another personal licence or have applied for a personal licence with this or any other licensing authority.

There are different rules for the supply of alcohol under a club premises certificate or Temporary Event Notice.

Personal licences are "portable" between different premises throughout England and Wales and are valid for ten years; allowing a personal licence holder to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol for consumption on or off any premises with a premises licence.

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