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What are Major Works?

Major works are any substantial repair, redecoration, replacement or improvement made to your building, estate, or the area around your building.

Examples of major works include:

  • renewing/replacing windows and window frames;
  • lift renewal;
  • door entry installation;
  • roof renewal;
  • decorating and repairing shared areas; and
  • concrete repair

This list is not exhaustive.

We have a rolling programme of redecoration for all our properties and carry out associated works at the same time. This may include repairing or renewing gutters or broken railings/fencing.

All leaseholders must contribute towards the cost of major repairs and for the cost of external and communal redecorations.

You will be consulted about major works and planned repairs where the estimated cost is over £250 per flat. You will also be consulted with if we want to enter into a long term agreement (more than 12 months) which may cost you over £100 in any one year. This process is your legal right and is called a ‘Section 20 Consultation’.

What documentation will I receive?

Before we begin any work to your block you will receive a Notice of Intention and a Notice of Proposal. Once the contractors are on site, you will receive an estimated invoice for the work. Once the work is complete you will receive an invoice.

Notice of intention

This notice sets out:

  • the work we intend to carry out to your block;
  • why we need to do it; and
  • an invitation to nominate a contractor from whom we can get a quote.

Where a contract is to be advertised in the European Union, homeowners are not able to nominate a contractor.

European Union

Contracts have to be advertised in the European Union if they are over a certain value. Full details can be found on the Official Journal of the European Community (OJEC) website.

Notice of proposal

After we have had a chance to consider your feedback, a minimum of 30 days, we tender the work. You will receive a notice of proposal that lists the details of at least two of the tenders received. It also lists the details of the work included in the tender price and the details of your estimated charge where possible. You will then be given a 30 day period to make observations.

At the end of the 30 day observation period, if we have proposed the lowest tender, we will then go on to appoint a contractor. If the contractor we have proposed is not the lowest tender, we will send you a further notice explaining the reasons why.

Once the work is complete, we will calculate the actual cost and issue you with an actual invoice; the same way we would with your service charge.

What is a qualifying long term agreement?

A qualifying long term agreement (QLTA) is an agreement with a contractor to provide goods or services, which runs more than 12 months and which results in leaseholders incurring an individual charge of at least £100 per year. QLTA’s could include carrying out agreements such as grounds maintenance or supplying services such as buildings insurance cover. We enter into a QLTA to try to get a better deal on our major repairs costs.

When we enter into a QLTA with a contractor it means that one specific contractor will provide a certain type of works for us at a pre-agreed price for the length of the contract. For example, we could have a QLTA with a contractor to fit all our door entry system for the next 3 years.

What happens if the major works are listed on my section 125 (S125) notice?

If we carry out work within the first 5 years (approximately) of your lease, your charge is limited to the amount shown on your S125 notice, plus an inflation allowance. If we carry out work listed on your S125 after the first 5 years (approximately) of your lease, you will be recharged the full apportioned sum, even if the amount itemised on your S125 notice is less.

What happens if the major works are not listed on my section 125 (S125) notice?

If we carry out work within the first five years (approximately) of your lease, it is considered an un-itemised repair if it is not listed on your S125 notice and will be included in your annual block repair estimate limit, plus inflation.

That is, if you have already been charged the maximum allowed for your block repairs (estimate plus inflation) you will not be charged any extra for the major work.

Major Works Payment Options

There are three payment options which you can find in the Leaseholders Payment Options (Major Works) Policy

Tell us if you are finding it difficult to pay your bill. We are here to give you the help and support you need to manage your payments.

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