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Notices to enter into a long-term agreement for lift servicing and maintenance including renewals and refurbishment

Lift condition surveys have been undertaken and have identified where and when lift works are necessary. It is the legal responsibility of Stevenage Borough Council to ensure that our lifts are maintained and tested regularly and that they comply with all statutory regulations.

Works are scheduled as below:

  • Brent Court and Harrow Court - completed
  • Highcroft – anticipated start date February 2021
  • High Plash – anticipated start date September 2021
  • The Towers – anticipated start date September 2022

For further information, please read, Lifts - Answers to your questions.

Notices to enter into a long-term agreement for compliance services

We have a legal responsibility to maintain and test equipment in the block to ensure the safety of its residents. It is our intention to enter into a qualifying long term agreement with a contractor who can provide all the services required to ensure we are fully compliant whilst offering the best value for money for all of our residents.

For further information, please read, Major Works Compliance - Answers to your questions.

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