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Approved by: Executive Committee
Date of approval: 11 March 2020
Author: Andy Sowden - Investment Programme Manager
Live from: 1 April 2020

1. Aims of the policy

1.1 The policy aims to assist in the delivery of a damp and condensation service that will be able to:

  • Ensure that tenants are treated in a fair and consistent way.
  • Focus on working in partnership with tenants ensuring that a safe and healthy internal environment is provided.
  • Undertake effective investigations and implement all reasonable remedial repair solutions and improvements to eradicate damp including, managing and controlling condensation.
  • Ensure that tenants have access to and/or are provided with comprehensive advice and guidance on managing and controlling damp and condensation.
  • Comply with statutory requirements and good practice.
  • Maximise the available budgets and ensure that they are used effectively and efficiently to deal with damp and condensation problems.
  • Ensure that the fabric of our property is protected from deterioration and damage resulting from damp and condensation.