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Homes to be warmer, greener, and more affordable thanks to £2.6 million government grant!

Stevenage Borough Council has recently been successful in securing further funding from the Government Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Wave 2.1 (SHDF wave 2.1). SHDF wave 2.1 is a national scheme that aims to deliver warm, energy-efficient homes, reduce carbon emissions, and help tackle fuel bills and fuel poverty.

We will be using this funding to continue to target properties that are the least energy efficient, with properties meeting the criteria laid out by the Government for this funding. This wave includes some of our flat blocks, where upgrades will be combined with our Major Refurbishment Project to provide a fully considered plan of works to improve the living conditions for all residents. The upgrades aim to ensure energy usage in tenant’s and leaseholder’s homes is more efficient, helps with the cost of residents heating bills and lowers the amount of carbon emissions produced.

The scheme will fund a range of energy efficiency measures which may include external wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, mechanical ventilation, energy-efficient lighting and in some cases solar panels. However, works will vary depending on the property and the criteria.

Stevenage Borough Council have made a pledge to ensure, where it is possible, that all our homes and properties within our flat blocks achieve a minimum rating of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) C. by 2035. This will mean that homes are warmer and more affordable to heat, making a positive difference in the lives of hundreds of our customers. It is also an important milestone towards the government’s longer-term target to make all homes net-zero-carbon.

If your home is due to be included as part of this scheme you will be contacted by letter to inform you, and this will outline the next steps.

There is no need for you to contact us regarding this scheme, if you are eligible, we will contact you directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about cavity wall insulation works followed by loft insulation works.

The following (FAQ) information is supplied by our contractor Wates.

Cavity Wall Insulation Works FAQs

About a third of all the heat lost in an uninsulated home escapes through the walls. By properly insulating cavity walls, this will save energy and cut costs off heating bills.

Cavity wall insulation involves inserting an insulating material between the two layers of brick that make up a cavity wall, either at the time of building or as a retrofit measure.

Cavity wall insulation will make your home warmer, reduce your energy bills, reduce the carbon footprint of your home and is quick and easy to install.

Loft Insulation Works Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately a quarter of your heat escapes through the roof area in an uninsulated home. Loft insulation works are an effective way to reduce the heat escaping your home and make your home warmer.