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For Leaseholders and Tenants (secure and introductory in certain circumstances)

We recognise that tenants may wish to carry out small scale improvements and alterations to their homes at their own cost, to better suit their needs and lifestyle.

Under the Landlord & Tenant Act 1927 and the Housing Act 1985, tenants are entitled to make these alterations if they have gained written consent. Alterations are always made at the expense of the tenant and are responsible for undertaking this work themselves or appointing a competent tradesperson. Certain work such as gas and electrical, must always be carried out by a competent tradesperson.

This procedure aims to provide a framework to granting permission for reasonable alterations and improvements, and does not apply to interior decoration or minor wear and tear. Tenants currently within the introductory period of their tenancy are not permitted to carry out improvement or alteration works to their property, except in certain circumstances.

Before carrying out any works you must obtain our written permission. Once you have read this document, please complete your request using the online application form, including all requested information. If you are unable to access this document or require any further support please contact your Housing Officer in Resident and Estates Services.