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Why was Choice Based Lettings introduced?

Choice Based Lettings is a clear, open, understandable, fair and transparent way to access social housing and is used in most parts of the country.

With Choice Based Lettings, we do not need to contact you when a suitable home becomes available. Our properties will be advertised so that you can choose (within certain guidelines), which ones you are interested in by placing bids on them.

The significant benefit of Choice Based Lettings is that it gives you choice in where you would like to live. Choice Based Lettings provides you with more choice and information to help you find the right accommodation in Stevenage for you and your family.

How does Choice Based Lettings affect me?

If you are eligible for social housing, your housing need will be assessed and you will be placed in a band according to your circumstances.

You will be able to tell us which properties you are interested in by ‘bidding’; simply putting your name down for those homes through our website.

For advice and support from our dedicated Lettings team, contact us using the details below.

How do I apply for housing and bid for available homes?

You will need to register and complete an application form. Available homes will be advertised on a weekly basis and applicants can express an interest in them.

Everyone who successfully registers for housing will be notified of their registration date, banding and reference number. In order to bid, you will need to register on our Home Finder web service using a valid email address and Housing application reference number.


Complete an application form.


Most vacant homes will be advertised on Home Finder.


If you see a home that interests you and it is suitable for you (according to our lettings policy), you can express an interest in the property.


If your bid is successful, we will contact you to arrange to check your circumstances and invite you to view the available home. If you do not hear from us, you can assume that you have not been successful. Once the home has been let, you will be able to see information about the number of bids, the band of the successful applicant and how long they had been waiting. This will help you decide the best homes to bid for and shows you which homes and areas are in the greatest demand.

Register on our Home Finder service to bid for properties - opens new window

Lettings Team

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