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Throughout the year,  we carry out a cleansing, sweeping and weeding programme to maintain all the garage blocks within Stevenage. This is to ease the build-up of litter and debris from the blocks and to suppress weed growth.

  • A fortnightly litter pick
  • Quarterly sweeping by a mechanical sweeper
  • Up to 3 weed treatment applications per year
  • Ad-hoc works outside the stated schedules

This is covered in the cost of garage tenants weekly licence fee. If you own a garage within a block you will be required to pay a proportion of the annual cost, currently £12.14 for 2022/2023.

Please refer to the 'frequently asked questions' for questions relating to this charge.

Fly tipping in garage compounds can be reported online.


The cleansing is done on a fortnightly cycle, as below.

Schedule of Garage Block Maintenance
Day Week One Area Week Two Area
Monday St Nicholas Bedwell
Tuesday Pin Green Broadwater
Wednesday Old Town Shephall / Poplars
Thursday Symonds Green Chells
Friday Industrial Area / Gunnelswood Chells Manor

Weed Treatments

Treatment is carried out to shrubs and hard surfaces two to three times a year.

Shrubs and hard surfaces for March / June were completed by the end of April. There will also be treatments carried out in June / July and August / September.