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Throughout the year, we carry out a cleansing, sweeping and weeding treatment programme to maintain all the garage blocks within Stevenage. This is to ease the build-up of litter and debris from the blocks and to suppress weed growth and development.

  • A fortnightly litter pick.
  • Quarterly sweeping by a mechanical sweeper.
  • Up to 3 weed treatment applications per year.
  • Ad-hoc works outside the stated schedules.

This is covered in the cost of garage tenants weekly licence fee. If you own a garage within a block you will be required to pay a proportion of the annual cost, £14.52 for 2023/2024.

Please refer to the 'frequently asked questions' for questions relating to this charge.

Litter picking

Litter picking is carried out on a fortnightly cycle, as below.

Schedule of Garage Block Maintenance
Day Week One Area Week Two Area
Monday St Nicholas Bedwell
Tuesday Pin Green Broadwater
Wednesday Old Town Shephall / Poplars
Thursday Symonds Green Chells
Friday Industrial Area / Gunnelswood Chells Manor

Weed treatments and cleansing of the block

A weed treatment is applied two to three times a year. This is to suppress weed growth and development. Weeds that are dead and tall standing are removed when sweeping is completed but please note that some are left in situ as removing them can open up the area for new weeds to grow.

Mechanical road sweepers attend the blocks on a quarterly basis to clear any loose debris and sweep the area providing that vehicles are not blocking any access. Work may be required outside the last visit and can be reported online via the fly tipping in garage compounds page.

The timetable below is an indication of when your garage block is next due for the mechanical sweep. Please note that is an estimate and may be subject to change.

Area Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4
St Nicholas July October January
Pin Green July October January
Old Town / Coreys Mill July October January
Symonds Green August November February
Bedwell August November February
Broadwater / Bragbury End August November February
Shephall September December March
Chells September December March
Martins Wood September December March