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How have you determined that I own this garage?

A search with Land Registry has been carried out which has identified that you are the owner.

Can I carry out my own search to confirm I own the garage?

Yes you can, this be done by contacting the Land Registry

I have recently moved and no longer own the garage, what should I do?

Please contact us on to let us know. When a property is sold it can often take Land Registry a while to update their records.

Are all garage owners going to be charged?

Yes, all garage owners will be charged. This is covered in Clause 5 of the Third Schedule of your transfer document, and the cleansing costs are currently being subsidised by Stevenage Borough Council.

Does Stevenage Borough Council have a legal right to recharge me?

Yes, Clause 5 of the Third Schedule obligates the owner “to pay on demand, a fair proportion of the expenses, from time to time payable for the maintenance, cleansing, repair, or renewal of the hard surface of any land the use of which is common to the owners and the occupiers, for the time being of the said property and those of other premises, the said proportion to be conclusively determined by the Chief Estate Surveyor, for the time being of the Corporation or other duly authorised surveyor of the owner for the time being of the said land”.

Will I receive a paper invoice for this charge?

We are not intending to provide a paper invoice. You will have an account created, and the charge will be made to your account number. You can enable sign up or view your account online

How will I be able to pay the charge?

You will be required to set up a direct debit when you receive your letter with the account details.

What works are being undertaken that I am paying towards?

A planned schedule is in place for cleansing, sweeping and weeding of the garage blocks which includes:

  • A fortnightly litter pick
  • Quarterly cleansing by a mechanical sweeper
  • Up to 3 weed treatment applications per year
  • Ad-hoc requested works outside the stated schedules

There is fly tipping in the garage compound that needs removing. How do I report this?

All reports of fly tipping can be made online