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We are responsible for grass cutting in public open spaces, parks, highway verges, central reservations, commons and flat blocks.

Our teams cut around 4 million square metres of grass every month during the spring and summer.

Grass Cut Team
Grass cutting
Strimming Grass
Grass cutting small slope
Grass Cut Team
Grass cutting

Grass cutting starts in March and continues until November.

All grass is scheduled to be cut up to 10 times a year, except the meadow grass areas. However, if there is a hot and dry summer the grass will grow more slowly and fewer cuts will be required. In these instances the teams will undertake other grounds maintenance duties.

Due to the large area of grass being maintained it is usually necessary for mowing to continue during wet weather. Areas that have been cut during wet weather may appear churned up immediately after works have been completed. This is usually superficial, and the verge will normally recover within 48 hours. For health and safety reasons grass cutting to banks may not be carried out if the ground is wet.

When cutting the grass in residential areas the teams are usually made up of people who:

  • uses a ride-on mower to cut the larger areas of grass,
  • using a strimmer will cut around obstacles (such as trees or light columns) and small areas where the ride-on mower can’t safely cut,
  • uses a blower to effectively sweep the path, blowing all the grass cuttings back on to the area of grass.

Although the team co-ordinate their work, it might be that the grass isn’t blown off the paths until several hours after the main grass area has been cut.

We do not cut grass that is privately owned, grass on properties and estates owned by bodies other than us and grass that is outside the Stevenage boundary.

Reporting a problem

You can report a problem with grass cutting online. Your report will be investigated within two working days and, where necessary, the teams will usually return to site within 7 working days.

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Damage to property

If you consider that you have been injured as a result of our negligence or your property has been damaged by one of our employees acting negligently or in breach of any statutory duty, you may have the right to make an Insurance claim against the Council

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