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Stevenage benefits from large areas of green spaces as well as 240 acres of woodland areas throughout the town.

Green Space Strategy

There are 72 areas of natural and semi-natural open space spread throughout the town. Stevenage has two countryside heritage sites, one regionally important geological site and 37 other designated wildlife sites.

We have a dedicated Green Space Strategy to help effectively manage these areas and ensure that the quality and quantity of green space and its accessible nature is maintained and where appropriate, further enhanced.

Green Space Volunteers

A Green Space Volunteer helps to undertake improvement works to community green spaces around the town. 


Our vision is to increase Stevenage’s Biodiversity by conserving, restoring, recreating and reconnecting wildlife habitats to increase awareness and appreciation of Stevenage’s wildlife. We want to encourage participation in conserving Stevenage's Biodiversity and to ensure that nature is close to everyone’s doorstep.

Meadow Verges

A successful pilot of a Grass Management programme bringing meadow grasses to swathes of grass verges throughout the town is set to grow. Reducing the mowing regime has allowed meadow grasses and wild flowers to grow, which can be both attractive and benefit wildlife.


Other than gardening being a good form of exercise, there are many other benefits of growing fruit and vegetables on your Allotment.

  • A sense of community spirit and an opportunity to meet new people.
  • The environment benefits from green spaces and wildlife habitats.
  • Giving your mind something positive to focus on.
  • A sense of achievement and well-being.
  • Children learn where food comes from.
  • A chance to learn.