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Enforcement agent fees 2014 (Formerly Bailiffs)

The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014 come into effect from 6 April 2014.

From that date the council can instruct an Enforcement Agent (formerly known as a bailiff) to collect the outstanding council tax debt from you if a liability order for business rates or council tax has been issued in your name. We may do this either if you have not made or kept to an agreed repayment plan or have not completed and returned the personal information form sent to you.

Before we ask the Enforcement Agents to visit you, we will send you a letter to tell you about the extra costs which may be charged to you if Enforcement Agents are instructed.

If your debt has been passed to an Enforcement Agent, you will incur a fixed fee of £75 upon them issuing a letter to you by post. This will apply for each liability order issued to you. Any payments or offers of repayment should be made to the Enforcement Agents and not the council.

If the Enforcement Agents visit you there is a fixed fee of £235 plus 7.5% for any balance due above £1500.

The Enforcement Agent will normally ask you for payment in full, however if you cannot meet this request, the Enforcement Agent will normally make a repayment arrangement with you. The Enforcement Agent, may enter into a Controlled Goods Agreement, where the agent makes a list of your possessions that is equal in value to your debt. This action will incur another £110.00 plus 7.5% for any balance over £1500.

If your possessions are subject to a Controlled Goods Agreement you cannot dispose or sell them without the Enforcement Agents permission.

If you do not pay as agreed and you have signed a Controlled Goods Agreement, the Enforcement Agent may enter your property, by force if necessary, to take the goods listed. You will be charged for the removal and sale of them.

If the Enforcement Agent believes that there are insufficient items to clear the debt, we will then consider other recovery options such as committal action, bankruptcy, imprisonment or a charging order against your property.

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