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A number of roads in Stevenage are owned and maintained by Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) and not adopted by the Highway Authority; Hertfordshire County Council. These roads include all of the town centre streets (Danestrete, Danesgate, Swingate, Southgate, Eastgate, Market Square, Marshgate, Westgate, and the pedestrian streets of Queensway, Market Place and Park Place) as well as several other streets throughout the wider town.

To carry out works on a street managed by Stevenage Borough Council you will need first consent from the council.

Scaffolding / Hoarding Licences

Any company wishing to erect a scaffold or hoarding on a street will need to apply for a licence. There is a non-refundable application fee plus a charge per week for each 50 metre length of scaffold / hoarding please contact us using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Land Rental

Where a developer is seeking to temporarily hoard off part of the public street to create more room within a development site, land rental charges will apply. Contact us using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Traffic Orders

Where a road needs to be closed temporarily or otherwise altered a road traffic regulation Order will be required. Contact us at

Suspension of Parking Bays

To take a designated parking bay out of use, a bay suspension will be needed. For more information please visit our parking bay suspensions page.

Street Development Agreements

A developer must enter into a Street Development Agreement (SDA) with the Council before carrying out any work on a street managed by Stevenage Borough Council. This is similar to a S278 agreement with a highway authority. Contact us using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Fees 2023

Hoarding / Scaffolding

  • Application Fee £100
  • Charge - £50 per 50 metre length per week

Land rental Charges

  • Application Fee £150

 Zones relating to these charges

Please note that charges are per week

Area Weeks 0 - 26 Weeks 27 - 52 Weeks 53+
Zone A - Town Square, Queensway North, Danestrete North including for the Arrival Square (from Mecca Bingo to Leisure Centre) £2.50 £2.75 £3
Zone B - The Forum, Queensway South, Danestrete South, Swingate and Danesgate - all town centre roads and footways £2.15 £2.40 £2.65
Zone C - All SBC owned land, roads and footways outside the town centre. This can include areas surrounding council owned community centres, hubs, pavilions and buildings £1.90 £2.10 £2.30

Other Fees

TTRO / PTRO Application Fee £2,000 Additional fees for advertisement, signage and additional site inspections will be identified and charges for. Application will be valid for 18 months
Emergency TTRO Application Fee £1,200 Application will be valid for 21 days
Street Development Agreement Application Fee £750 -
  SDA Fee - 10% of the total agreed value of the construction works proposed Developers will need to take out a bond to the value of 110% of the agreed value of the roadworks