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To allow for works or other activities such as moving house, enforceable parking bays can be suspended with our permission.

A suspension prohibits anyone other than the applicant’s vehicles, the Civil Enforcement Officers, representatives of our Planning and Regulation Service, or the Emergency Services from parking.

To apply for a parking suspension, please email and provide:

  • confirmation of the dates and times the suspension is required
  • details of the purpose it is required for
  • a plan showing the area to be suspended
  • if undertaking works on the highway, details of any traffic management agreed with Hertfordshire County Council and a copy of the ‘N’ notice/the permit number.

We may contact you with further questions before a suspension is granted, and reserve the right not to approve an application. Conditions may also be placed on how a suspended parking bay is used.

If your application is successful, you are required to erect temporary advanced warning signs at each end of the area of the suspension (and centrally in longer bays) indicating when it will be suspended. This must be in place for a minimum of one week before the parking bay is suspended to make motorists and residents aware.

It is also for you to provide and deploy no-waiting cones as required to cordon off the parking bays or for marking them as out of use as necessary and maintain the deployment for the duration of the suspension. We normally advise that cones are put out very early in the morning (usually before 5.30am). The cones must be in accordance with diagram 640.1, Item 22 in Part 6 of Schedule 13 of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 for the suspension to be enforceable, and if loading is also to be prohibited must have the accompanying “no loading” text.

We have a small supply of cones that may be made available to residents for short periods only to assist with this, but do not have the resources to offer business applicants this support.

We are not normally able to make arrangements for a suspension to be added to our system in less than a week, in addition to the week’s warning period for motorists to be made aware. Applications should therefore be made not less than a fortnight before you want the suspension to begin, and it is preferable to allow longer in case of any delays or complications.

An application fee is payable at the outset and, if approved, charges for the suspension will need to be paid in advance as set out in the table below. The fee is per car bay per day or per 5 metre length of carriageway for kerbside parking bays, and increases over time to discourage very long suspensions.

If an applicant wishes to suspend pay and display bays, they will be required to make a further payment to compensate us for our loss of income. This charge will be based on the average amount of cash collected from the suspended bays each week.

Suspensions will only be approved for periods of longer than one month if they are absolutely essential, for example to replace underground utilities or to allow for large scale developments. 

Bay suspension timescales and cost

Per bay per day (from 5m for bays parallel to the edge of the carriageway) Fee
Week 1 £20
Weeks 2 - 8 £22
Weeks 9 - 16 £25
Weeks 17+ £29
Pay and Display and controlled parking zones Daily loss of parking income in addition to the above charges
Overstay charge - per bay per day £50
Application Fee £120