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Stevenage is a relatively low risk area for serious flooding. However, we constantly monitor weather conditions.

Do you live in a flood risk area?

In the event of a developing flood risk, a warning is given to the local authority and emergency services by the Environment Agency and/or the Met Office. Flood warnings and severe weather warnings can be viewed on the Environment Agency and Met Office websites.

You can find out if you live in a flood risk area by viewing the latest information on the Environment Agency’s website.

If you are shown to be at risk of flooding, make sure you are up-to-date with the latest flood advice available from either the Environment Agency’s Floodline service which can be reached by calling 0845 988 1188.

The Environmental Agency provides information on flooding and extreme weather and further advice on how you can prepare for flooding and what to do after a flood

Flooding from private sewers or drains

If your private drains or sewers are overflowing, you will need a drainage contractor to deal with any blockage. Your private drain is generally the drain that serves your property only whereas a drain shared by several properties is generally maintained as a public sewer by the water company. If you are uncertain if a blockage is in the public or private sewers, Thames Water should be able to give you relevant advice. 

Flooding from public sewers

The water company owns and manages the network of public foul and surface water sewers. To report an overflowing public sewer, call Thames Water, Customer Services on 0845 9200800.

Flooding from the public highway

The Highway Authority; Hertfordshire County Council, are responsible for the routine cleansing of road gullies as well as the emergency clearance of highway ditches, gullies and drains at times of flooding. You can report flooding from the public highway blocked road gullies or gratings or phone Hertfordshire County Council on 0300 1234047.

We are responsible for the drainage of the roads and pedestrian areas within the town centre and for flooding on areas of land in the Council’s ownership and this can be reported by using

Flooding from a burst water main

The local water supply company is Affinity Water. The water company is responsible for supply of water up to and including the water stopcock. You can report a leak to Affinity Water via their website or by calling 0345 3572407.

Flooding from a water service pipe or internal pipework

This is the responsibility of the homeowner or landlord and would need the attention of a plumber.

Flooding from a main river

The main rivers are the responsibility of the Environment Agency. The Agency operates a "Floodline" which can be reached on 0845 988 1188. The "Floodline" is a 24 hour advice and information service for floods and flood warnings. If your property is in an area at risk of flooding from a nearby river, you are advised to sign up for flood warnings

Flooding from watercourses, other than main rivers

Watercourses, other than main rivers, are the responsibility of riparian owners. You may be the riparian owner if your property or land is on, or very near to a watercourse. Riparian owners have a duty to keep the watercourse clear of any obstruction to flow. The local authority can serve legal notices on riparian owners to deal with obstructions. Certain "strategic" watercourses that are known to pose a high risk of property flooding if they become blocked, are checked and maintained by our contractor on a regular basis.


The responsibility to protect property is that of the occupant. Given the low risk of flooding across the borough, our policy is to not supply sandbags. Residents who are aware that their homes are at a high risk of flooding are advised to obtain sandbags from a builders' merchant to enable early preparation. Information on how to use sandbags properly can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Routine contact

Our emergency planning officer may be contacted during normal office hours on 01438 242966.

Contact in an emergency

During a major incident, the latest emergency information will be posted on our website and updated regularly. Our Customer Services Team, who can be contacted on 01438 242242, will also be able to provide information.
The out-of-hours emergency contact number is 01438 314963. However, please do remember that the emergency services or utility company should be your first call in an emergency that requires their services.