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SoSafe is the name given to the Stevenage Community Safety Partnership.

Your involvement

SoSafe relies on community support to make Stevenage safer for us all. The partnership regularly conducts research to gauge public opinion about how safe people feel and what concerns them about their neighbourhoods. This feedback is taken seriously and helps SoSafe to set targets for the future. It also ensures that the actions of the partnership reach every street in Stevenage.


Your local councillor will feed issues back to SoSafe. They can be contacted via us, or you can visit their regular ward surgeries.


Stevenage police officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) are the most visible face of SoSafe. Every area of Stevenage has a dedicated ward constable and PCSOs to provide visible patrols, both during the day and after dark. Your Neighbourhood Policing Team aims to engage with local residents and establish what community safety issues matter the most to them. The teams hold regular Street Meets to enable members of the community to have an informal chat about safety concerns.

Neighbourhood Watch

With 100,000 Neighbourhood Watch memberships in Hertfordshire, it's no wonder that local residents have become the eyes and ears of Stevenage, providing feedback about community safety problems. Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators meet regularly and report local issues back to SoSafe partners.

Community Safety

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