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We are committed to ensuring that all residents enjoy their right to peace, quiet and security in and around their homes.

Our approach

We recognise that anti-social behaviour is a priority issue for local people. Such behaviour can have a severe effect on the well-being of residents and we have a duty to take action to minimise it through preventative measures, enforcement actions, and support for victims, witnesses, and staff.

If you witness anti-social behaviour

For serious incidents, such as those involving violence, threats of violence, abuse or illegal activities, please first contact the Police. Make sure you get a crime reference number as this will allow you to claim on your insurance if you property has been damaged and will help us carry out any repairs.

For minor incidents, you may wish to consider first talking to the person causing the nuisance as they may not be aware they are causing a problem.

If the situation cannot be resolved by talking to the person responsible, you can report an instance of anti-social behaviour.

Any information you provide will be held on a confidential database only for the purpose of reducing anti-social behaviour and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. It may be shared with partner agencies, where necessary, to prevent further crime and disorder.

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Incident log

In certain cases you may be required to fill in an Incident Log to record an accurate record of events.

What we will do

We provide support and assistance to tenants who witness instances of harassment, anti-social behaviour, noise and nuisances.

We can take action on a wide range of behaviours which cause disruption, distress or harm to tenants such as violence and threats, abusive language, property damage, excessive noise, drug use and prostitution, fly-tipping and dog fouling.

Tenants are not only responsible for their own behaviour but also that of their visitors, children and pets. We will endeavour to resolve the problem by speaking to or visiting the perpetrator. Where necessary, we will liaise with other authorities, such as the Police.

Although we will always try to resolve problems through mediation, if the problem continues and there is enough evidence, we may take action against the perpetrator under housing legislation.

Some instances of anti-social behaviour, such as noise nuisance are dealt with by our Environmental Health team.

Anti-Social Behaviour Team

Stevenage Borough Council
Daneshill House

01438 242666