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Are you living next to a noise nightmare?

This information is aimed at helping people who are suffering from noise problems. It provides advice and guidance in situations where we may not be taking legal action, and tells you what you can do when you have noise problems.

Noise can make life a misery. Noisy neighbours, traffic, industry, aircraft, building sites and barking dogs are just some of the problems that can cause problems.

Many noise problems, such as those with neighbours, can be sorted out without involving the council. If this approach does not work, then you may need to ask us for some help.

Making a noise complaint

You can make a complaint online using the link below.

Make a complaint about excessive noise - opens new windowExternal Link - opens in a new window

You can also make a complaint in the following ways:

Environmental Health and Licensing

Daneshill House





01438 242908 / 242916