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In May Grete Dalum-Tilds and volunteer Jackie Noonan interviewed Derek Bradnick and Susan Church for the Talking New Towns oral history project managed by Stevenage Museum and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. In the process of the interview we discussed schools and swimming lessons, Sue mentioned that her Dad used to contribute to the pool at Barnwell School, but that she never swam in the pool.

Swimming pool at Barnwell School

Swimming pool at Barnwell School

“Cos there were no pools in Stevenage. Barclays School had a pool, but obviously they weren’t going to lend it to other schools, were they? But Barclay school had a pool, that was the only pool in the town. My Dad paid sixpence a week towards the pool, that they were building at Barnwell and I never even put my big toe in it.I often feel like going back and saying my Dad paid sixpence a week for this pool.”

Susan Church

And so she did.

Sue Church in the swimming pool at Barnwell School

Sue Church in the swimming pool at Barnwell School

She kindly invited me to come along and take a photo, and so I did.

I think I can forward a thanks to Barnwell School for making this happen, and thanks for sharing the moment.


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