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Help us find the missing X202 Chair

The Museum is on the hunt for a design gem from the mid-20th century: the early teachers' chair by award winning designer Jim Leonard.


Reflecting on William Mitchell

‘Scenes from Contemporary Life: 50 years on.’ By Dr Dawn Pereira


New town, new architects

Architecture students from Cambridge University visit Stevenage


Plastics in the Collection

Read on to find out more about the plastic in Stevenage Museum's collection.


Stories with Purpose

Produced by the Development Corporation from Autumn 1955 to Spring 1966.


A VJ Day Story

Stevenage's Cecil Warrel Denson's wartime experiences in the Far East.


Stevenage at War, 1939-45

On 8 May 1945 Britain and its Allies celebrated Victory in Europe Day, or VE Day for short.


New Town Travel: Cars

Eric Claxton, the engineer who helped plan the town, wanted it to be safe.


Collection works begin

We have moved our collection to Stevenage Museum for cataloguing work.