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What is the grant for?

The Disabled Facilities Grant is available to people who are registered, or registerable, as disabled. The grant helps adapt a person’s home to make it more suitable for disabled people to live in and manage more independently. 

Stair-lifts, level access showers and access works are among works which can be considered.

The grant is means tested on the applicant and their partner, unless you are in receipt of an income related passporting benefit.

Children under 16 or young people up to their 20th birthday, if the parent/guardian is still entitled to Child Benefit, are not means tested.

Owner occupiers, tenants and landlords can apply on behalf of tenants.

Occupational Therapist Assessment

You will need to have an Occupational Therapist assessment to assess your needs and specify the necessary adaptations.

If you are an adult, you can ask for social care help online or call 0300 123 4042.

Find out more about the Children’s Occupational Therapy Service in Hertfordshire.

Advice and information

Information on Disabled Facilities Grants is available from the GOV.UK website.

Advice on making changes and repairs to your home can be found on the Herts County Council website.

For more information on the grant and the process, please visit the Herts Home Improvement Agency website.

Alternatively you can email using, or call 01438 843467 / 843948.

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