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To help you understand your estimate, we’ve provided an example with a breakdown of each element.

Please refer to the table underneath the descriptions below.

If you’re concerned about your bill and wish to query any part of it or need advice on payment, please refer to the Questions and concerns section below the table.

Works Description (1)

This is the work proposed at your flat block. We haven’t named every single piece of work, but all of it is included under each item.

Block Estimate Before Adjustments (2)

This is the block cost based on an initial survey and taking into account the age of elements of the building. This initial survey is not intrusive, and therefore the costs may go up or down when work is done which is why contingency costs have been included.

Block Estimate After Adjustments (3)

We have made adjustments to this block estimate total by taking out some costs which we will not charge you for.

Your Estimate (4)

This is your share of the estimated cost of the proposed work. We can’t give you an actual cost until all of the work has been completed.

Contingencies (5)

To allow for those potential extra bits of work that may be needed we add 10% to the original estimate. But if we don’t need to spend this extra money we will not be billing you for it.

Management Fee (6)

Additional staffing costs that are not covered by the Service Charge Management Fee.

Your estimate

Works description (1) Block estimates before adjustments (2) Block estimates after adjustments (3) Your estimates = 16.7% of total block cost (4)
Roofing £19,817.46 £19,817.46 £3,309.52
External Wall Treatments £9,316.26 £7,048.26 £1,177.06
Doors £16,814.26 £11,776.82  £1,966.73
Windows £3,462.84  £2,690.59 £449.33
Door Entry System £8,494.13 £0.00 £0.00
Repairs & Re-Decorations £6,761.15 £6,761.15 £1,129.11
Electrical £37,886.16 £26,110.27 £4,360.42
Drainage £422.64 £422.64 £70.58
Work to balconies £2,111.97 £2,111.97 £352.70
External Works £10,872.82 £10,872.82 £1,815.76
Landscaping works £7,409.82 £6,637.48 £1,108.46
Scaffolding £19,460.25 £19,460.25 £3,249.86
Sundry items £1,938.42 £1,938.42 £323.72
SUB TOTAL £144,768.18 £115,648.13 £19,313.24
Contingency @ 10% (5) £14,476.82 £11,564.81 £1,931.32
Management Fee @ 6% (6) £9,554.70 £7,632.78 £1,274.67
TOTAL £168,799.70 £134,845.72 £22,519.24

Questions and concerns

If you have any questions and concerns about your estimate, you can contact any of the following organisations.

Stevenage Borough Council

Telephone: 01438 242242

Stevenage Citizens Advice

Website: Stevenage Citizens Advice 
Telephone: 03444 111 444

Money Advice Service

Website: Money Advice Service
Telephone: 0800 138 7777

National Debtline

Website: National Debtline
Telephone: 0808 808 4000

The Leasehold Advisory Service

Website: The Leasehold Advisory Service

Investment Team - Major Works

Stevenage Borough Council
Daneshill House

01438 242666