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Your Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract between you and us and tells you all the rules about living in your property.

Your tenancy conditions set out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant of ours and our duties as your landlord. These tenancy conditions form part of your tenancy agreement.

Your tenancy agreement and tenancy conditions set out the legal obligations, rights and responsibilities for you and those who live in or visit your home. It also lists the services you are entitled to in return for the rent you pay.

If you break these tenancy conditions or the tenancy agreement, we may have to take you to court. If the court grants us a possession order, you and your family will have to leave your home. We do not want this to happen and will give you support and advice to prevent it, unless you gave us false or misleading information to get or keep your tenancy.

You don't have to apply for permission to keep a domestic pet in a council property, as long as they are properly looked after and do not cause a nuisance to other people.

Please download the tenancy conditions above for more information,

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