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A short guide on the aftercare of your new sprinkler system.

If you have had new sprinklers installed in your property or flat block where you live here are a few tips to keep the sprinkler working and keep you safe.

Please do not

  • Cover sprinkler heads with any obstruction
  • Clean sprinkler heads with chemicals
  • Hand anything from the sprinkler heads
  • Paint or fill over sprinkler heads
  • Use wallpaper steamers too close to the sprinkler heads


  • Take care not to knock sprinkler heads. If one is accidently knocked, report this to your landlord. If necessary, gently wipe sprinkler heads with a clean, dry cloth or duster.
  • If you have a sprinkler activation in your home, evacuate the building as quickly as possible. The fire brigade will automatically be contacted, however, if you also wish to call 999, please do so.
  • You may be contacted annually to arrange an appointment to visually inspect the sprinkler head in your home. This appointment should take no longer than 15 minutes.