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Sprinklers in your home

Fire sprinklers are an essential component of your building’s fire safety system. Designed to activate in the presence of heat from a fire and can save lives by controlling or extinguishing fires before they spread.

To ensure your fire sprinklers are in good working condition:

  • Make sure sprinkler heads are not obstructed by furniture, decorations, or other items. There should be at least 18 inches of clearance below each sprinkler.
  • Inspect the sprinkler heads and piping for any signs of damage, or leaks. Report any issues immediately.
  • Take Care not to knock sprinkler heads. If one is accidently knocked and resulted in damage report it immediately.
  • If necessary, gently wipe sprinkler heads with a clean, dry cloth or duster.
  • You may be contacted annually to arrange an appointment to visually inspect the sprinkler head in your home. This appointment should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Please Do Not

To maintain the effectiveness of your fire sprinkler system, avoid the following:

  • Do Not Paint or Cover Sprinkler Heads: Painting or covering sprinkler heads can prevent them from functioning properly in the event of a fire.
  • Do Not Hang Items: Never hang decorations, clothing, or any objects from sprinkler heads or pipes. This can damage the system and impede its operation.
  • Do Not Tamper: Do not attempt to modify, tamper with, or disable any part of the sprinkler system. This can compromise your safety and the safety of others in the building.
  • Do Not Ignore Issues: If you notice any issues with the sprinkler system, report them to the building management immediately for prompt repair.

If you notice damage or suspect that your sprinkler system is not functioning correctly, contact the building safety team at: Email: or Phone: 01438 242242