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Turning off your electricity

If you think there is an electrical fault in your home, turn off the electricity at the mains to be safe.

A burning smell or a buzzing sound is usually a sign that something is wrong.

The main switch is located at one end of the consumer unit and is usually coloured red and labelled main switch (new consumer units only). This will turn all of your electrics off. You will also lose your lights. If you know what circuit has a fault, you will be able to turn just that one circuit off. For example, if you think the fault is on your downstairs sockets, look for the circuit breaker switch marked sockets down and turn that off.

If you are unsure how to turn your electricity off, please contact us on 01438 242666 and ask for someone to advise you what to do.

How do I report an electrical fault?

Once the electricity is switched off at the mains, you should report the problem to the Repairs Service on (freephone number), 0800 1123 444.

For emergency out of hours number, please call 01438 314963.

If you have the older type of fuse box, with just a main switch, or no such switch at all, please tell the operator this when you call to report the fault, especially if it is late or dark outside.

If you have a cordless phone, please be aware that these are powered from your electrical supply and will not work with the power turned off. You may need to use a mobile phone or ask a neighbour if you can use their phone.