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We regularly check areas to make sure that they are free from fire risk and obstruction.

These areas include shared hallways, stairwells, landings and passages in sheltered schemes, and in low and high-rise blocks of flats.

Keeping items in the communal and shared spaces is a breach of Stevenage Borough Council Tenancy Agreement, The Fire Safety Order 2005 and The Housing Act 2004.

We may write to you where there are persistent issues of concern. In extreme cases and where we feel that items are causing an obstruction or are a fire hazard, we will remove articles without notice.

Periodically, the fire authority will carry out an inspection of the common and shared areas to check they are in a safe condition.

Arson can be a particular problem in these areas. Extra vigilance must be taken when these areas are being used and with what is stored in them. It is the duty of the tenants to report incidents and regular occurrences of illegal entry and all doors should be kept locked at all times.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters are not allowed to be stored/charged in any communal area due to the high fire risk they pose. If these mobility scooters are involved in a fire they can release large amounts of highly toxic smoke and gases.

If you are considering getting a mobility scooter please contact your Tenancy Officer or Specialist Support Officer.