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Your responsibilities

Rechargeable repairs are repair costs that you are responsible for paying. These will normally occur when the repair needed is a direct result of your actions.

In certain circumstances you may be charged for a repair. You will be responsible for the cost of a repair that is due to your neglect or misuse, for example losing your house key or carelessly breaking fixtures and fittings.

If you give notice and are vacating your home, your Tenancy Adviser will visit you. They will let you know what you must do before you move out and advise you of any re-charges you may incur.

You will also be advised of any incentives that are available for leaving your property clean, clear, in a good state of repair and for handing back the keys on time.

Situations where you could be recharged

There are certain situations where you could be recharged:

  • If you use the Out of Hours service when the repair is not a genuine emergency.
  • Damage caused by negligence and misuse caused by you or your visitors.
  • Where repairs are required as a result of a break-in or vandalism, you must report the incident to the Police and obtain a Police crime reference number (not a log number/incident number), otherwise you will be charged for the work.
  • When vacating your home, you are responsible for leaving it clean and empty of unwanted furniture and rubbish (including lofts, sheds and the garden). You will be recharged for any work we need to carry out as part of a programme to prepare your former home for a new tenant.

If you are vacating your home because of a transfer, we may refuse or delay the transfer if you leave your home in a poor condition and/or full of discarded possessions.

We will respond to repair requests where damage has been caused accidentally by tenants. However, this work may be charged to you. We will give you an estimate of how much you are going to be charged. Payment will be required upfront, or if this is not possible, via our repayment programme.

Repairs responsibilities of tenants

You are responsible for carrying out any repairs that are caused by accidental damage, misuse or neglect. You may be recharged for repairs which we consider to be caused by you, any member of the household or guests to the property or any communal area.

Examples of rechargeable repairs

  • Replacing keys
  • Replacing locks
  • Replacing or re-latching access gates, hasp and staples, padlocks and house numbers
  • Replacing or repairing damage to fencing or gates where repairs are required as a result of misuse or deliberate damage
  • Renewing or re-fixing draught excluders
  • Tightening and adjusting hinges and catches on doors and cupboards
  • Replacing broken or cracked glass
  • Replacing broken sanitary ware (i.e. bath, sink or WC) basin plugs, chains and WC seats
  • Kitchen units/worktops where repairs are required as a result of misuse or deliberate damage
  • Replacing or repairing damage to external doors and/or frames where repairs are required as a result of misuse, deliberate damage, a break-in or (Except where an incident has been reported to the Police and a Police Crime number has been obtained - Not a log number/ incident number)
  • Replacing or repairing damage to internal doors and/or frames by you or a person or persons known to you outside your household
  • Replacing or repairing door furniture including locks, handles, letterboxes and door bells
  • When we have to take legal action to enter the property when you are refusing access
  • Using the out of hours service when the repair is not a genuine emergency
  • Any other damage caused by negligence and misuse by you or a person or persons known to you outside your household
  • You must report any disrepair or damage immediately to If you do not report the disrepair, you may be charged for the work at a later date.

We will not recharge you for the following:

  • Damage due to domestic violence (except if the perpetrator is the/a tenant);
  • Damage due to some other violent incident directed towards the tenant or a member of the tenant’s household;
  • Damage due to hate crime;
  • Glazing broken, cracked or damaged by a third party or parties (e.g. children playing); or
  • Glazing, window frames and door frames, landlord’s fixtures and fitting damaged or broken during break-in or burglary.

Steps to take so what we do not recharge:

  • You must report the incident to us without undue delay, confirm that the incident has been reported to the Police and can provide a Police crime reference number.
  • We will consider waiving or reducing charges in cases of severe financial hardship and when tenants are vulnerable or experiencing other extenuating circumstances.

Home Contents Insurance

We do not insure your personal belongings, household goods and contents and strongly recommend that you take out household contents insurance.

Many council tenants believe that the council automatically insures their furniture, belongings and decorations against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage such as burst pipes. This is not the case and some tenants only realise this after the damage has been done.

We have arranged a Home Contents Insurance scheme that is open to all tenants and owner occupiers. Under this scheme it is easy for you to protect your belongings at a special low cost rate.