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Fees & Charges 2021/2022

Specialised Support Services

Service Fee Fee including VAT
Stevenage Careline Alarm Service (weekly charges) Response services £7.20 £8.64
Monitoring only service £3.10 £3.72
Response service out of area £7.20 £8.64
Response service to other equipment provider £4.10 £4.92
Response Service with SIM Careline unit £8.03 £9.64
Monitoring Only Service with SIM Careline unit £3.93


Monitoring only service out of area £3.10


Support Charge
(weekly charge)
Support charge for those living in Independent Living and Flexi-Care accommodation £19.65  
Pendants All replacement or additional pendants   £52.00
Replacement Keys / Fobs Winkhause Keys
Old style black fob
Shark coloured fob (usually green, red or blue)
Key safes Supply
Supply & Fit
Lock change Supply & Fit   £88.50
Guest bedrooms Silkin Court, Walpole Court, Scarborough Avenue, Southend Close & Pinewoods
All guest rooms incur a £3.00 laundry fee per stay.
(per person per night)
  Norman Court, Hobbs Court, Gladstone Court, Shaftesbury Court, Truro Court, Pitt Court, Grosvenor Court per night   £12.50 (per person per night)
Short stay assessment unit Assessment per night
Please note the Short Stay unit incurs a £3.00 laundry fee per week.
£22.50 per night
Laundry Wash token   £3.15 per wash
Room hire Hairdressing and chiropodist services   £5.00 per hour

Please note: Weekly charges are over 50 weeks. A VAT exemption declaration would need to be completed to be exempt from paying VAT.

General needs tenants and leaseholders

Service Fee
Key Fobs Old style black fobs
New shark fobs
Communal door entry keys Replacement keys for entry doors to flat blocks £20.00
Management Fee - Westwood Court and Kilner Close Administration fees £0.80
Laundry Charges - Roundmead Wash tokens £5.55
Dry tokens £3.00
Stores   £5.00
Lock change Callout £131.00
Admin charge £44.00

Price on Application

Leaseholder Alterations

Landlords consent for alterations


For retrospective Landlords consent


If an inspection is required for either


Retrospective permissions charge

If you make changes to your council property without the correct permission, we will charge you for retrospective permission.

As of 1 April 19, we are charging for retrospective permissions. This charge will be between, £100 – £500. The cost will depend on the scale of the work. The charge will apply to all tenants who carry out alterations to homes owned by Stevenage Borough Council without prior permission.

This will cover the costs of administering and processing of retrospective permissions.

This charge will not be passed on to tenants who apply in good time and in line with their tenancy agreement.

Charges for inspection

Cost of work Inspection charge
From £0 to £999 £205
From £1,000 to £1,999 £210
From £2,000 to £2,999 £220
From £3,000 to £3,999 £230
From £4,000 to £4,999 £290
From £5,000 to £5,999 £390