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Report a garage repair online

If you need to report a garage repair, you can do so by using our online form below.

Please note: If your garage is attached or tied to your housing tenancy and you rent your garage as part of your council house tenancy you should report your repair via the 'report a repair' page.

If you have lost all of the garage keys issued to you, we are able to provide a replacement lock service, but this will be subject to a charge of £139.38 which will cover the work needed to arrange a gain entry and lock change.

In order to process any replacement keys request, we require payment up front. Please make payment via our payments page.

Please note, you will need to quote your garage reference number to make payment. Your reference number starts with a 1 and can be found on your original offer or on any arrears letters received. 

If you are unable to find your garage reference number, you can call the customer services team on 01438 242242 and an advisor will provide you with it. If you pay online, you will be issued with a receipt number which can be used to confirm payment in the online form below.

Alternatively, you are able to arrange your own private lock change as long as there is no damage caused to the garage and that the new lock is left in its original place and the keys are returned as normal when terminating your tenancy. In these instances, you do not need to report anything to us.

Please see the Garage lettings Standards section at the bottom of our Garage Management Services Policy for more details. 

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Emergency Repairs

If you have an out-of-office hours emergency repair (between 5pm and 8am the following day), please call 01438 314963.

If you call the emergency team and it is found that the repair is not an emergency or that access was not possible, there will be a charge of £103 plus £30.90 (admin fee), plus VAT.

If a repair has been carried out and you are dissatisfied with the quality of the work, you should contact the Building Surveyor on 01438 242400.