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Why are we refurbishing garages?

Our garages have been deteriorating and attracting anti-social behaviour. As well as repairing existing faults, we will also anticipate any repairs and faults that may be reported over the next 10 years.

To make this investment in our garages, we are selling some of our assets and borrowing from finance companies.

When will the work start?

We cannot provide exact dates for each garage refurbishment but we will contact you 28 days before work is due to start.


Some of our garages do contain asbestos which will be recorded during inspection. We will take instruction from surveyors on how to treat the asbestos.

Types of work

A detailed survey of each block will determine the type of work required but we anticipate that work will be to roofs, garage doors, structural repairs and alterations, external redecoration, door numbering, block signage and concrete hard standings.

Necessary hardstanding repairs and replacements will be completed on blocks and you will be written to with details of work to be carried out.

Rent refunds will not be offered for the time taken to refurbish the garage.

Day to day repairs should be reported separately as they will not be carried out alongside the refurbishments.


If contractors need access to your garage and your keys, we will advise you 28 days before work is due to start. We will also let you know if the garage needs to be emptied of belongings. A temporary garage will be provided. 

If belongings are not removed from a garage, they will remain in the garage whilst work is being carried out. We will not accept liability for any damage caused to belongings.

If access to the garage is required, but arrangements aren’t confirmed, we will have no alternative but to serve you a Notice to Quit, terminating your garage licence.

Please work with us so that the contractors can work without disruption.

Garage Management Services

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