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Ending your garage licence

If you already rent a garage and wish to terminate your licence, you should give one weeks advance notice, ending on a Sunday.

The garage keys must be returned by midday on the Monday following the termination date and the garage must be cleared of all items.

All keys signed for at the start of licence must be returned or a charge of £22.25 will be applied.

If keys are returned late, we will continue to charge rent until the keys are returned. If the garage needs to be cleared of any items there is a minimum charge of £71.50

Any account arrears will need to be brought up to date including the rent for the one-week termination period.

Any credit left on your account will be paid back to the account from which you pay your direct debit, or we will request bank details in writing, these funds will reach your account within 28 days of  your termination date.

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