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Due to the high demand of our service, we do not acknowledge applications immediately. If a garage becomes available, we will contact you. 

All applications are subject to a credit check.

Garage locations

Garages are located across the Borough of Stevenage however, please note that the Council do not own any garages in Great Ashby, Poplars or Chells Manor.

If you require a garage anywhere please be aware that this will not necessarily be close to your home address. By confirming you would accept a garage “anywhere” will imply that you are happy to take on a garage anywhere within the Borough of Stevenage.

Second Garages

Although we allow residents to rent more than one garage, first time garage applicants will take priority over applications for additional garages.

Rental Charges

Garage rental charges vary by demand and size, but as a guide our highest standard charges are:

  • Council tenants, £12.05 per week
  • Non-Council tenants, £14.46 per week

Road facing garages (where the garage provides an additional parking space directly in front of the garage on the hard standing):

  • Council tenants, £13.70 per week
  • Non-Council tenants, £16.44 per week

New premium garages (coming soon)

  • Council tenants, £15.00 per week
  • Non-Council tenants, £18.00 per week

If you would like to confirm a rental on an individual garage, please contact the Garage Management Services team.

There is a difference in charges for Council and non-Council tenants because VAT has to be added for non-Council tenant accounts. VAT is levied by Customs and Excise.

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If you are looking to transfer between garages, please use our Garage Transfer form

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