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Whilst lock up garages are, by definition, designed for the parking of a motor vehicle they can also provide suitable facilities for the storage of domestic items.

The garage offered to you has recently been inspected and at the time, was considered to be in a suitable condition for the purpose of domestic storage. The inspection may have been carried out during a spell of good weather and not necessarily at the time, or immediately after, a period of heavy rainfall.

Therefore, before deciding to accept the garage offer please take time to consider the following guidance notes, which should be read in conjunction with the Garage Licence Conditions (Storage).

It is advisable for all items stored in the garage, particularly items of furniture or electrical goods, to be placed off the ground and on pallets.

Leave an adequate ventilation space (of approximately 6 inches) between the garage walls and the stored items, which should be covered with polythene sheeting or similar.

Check the insurance situation with your Insurers as the stored items will not be covered by the Council’s insurance. If you do not already have suitable insurance cover then you are strongly advised to obtain adequate insurance cover, suitable to meet your needs. The Council will not accept liability, under any circumstances, for loss or damage to the garage contents.

If you want to increase the security of the garage door by installing an extra security lock please contact us for permission.

Remember to inspect the contents of the garage at regular intervals.

Avoid the storage of inappropriate items in the garage, for example a large volume of paper or other combustible material. (Please see conditions of garage licence 5B and 5C).