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During 2005, in accordance with Government guidance, we undertook a comprehensive open space study.

Our Green Space Strategy

This comprehensive study assessed the quantity, quality and accessibility of different open spaces.

The study included:

  • parks and gardens;
  • natural and semi-natural green space;
  • amenity green space;
  • provision for children and young people;
  • outdoor sports facilities;
  • allotments and community gardens;
  • cemeteries and churchyards; and
  • green corridors.

In 2008/09 residents, interest groups and stakeholders were invited to submit their views on the draft strategy, and to identify any issues or areas of agreement. The feedback received was considered when finalising the strategy.

The strategy sets out the way that we, along with our partners, will ensure that green spaces in Stevenage are maintained and improved to ensure that they are safe, accessible and sustainable and continue to perform a range of functions that benefit the whole community. The strategy will outline the medium term objectives and key green space issues which need to be addressed over 10 years.

The principal aims and objectives of the strategy are to:

  • establish and communicate a clear vision for various types of green space;
  • provide clear objectives, and priorities, for the provision and management of green space;
  • protect and enhance green space in Stevenage;
  • ensure the towns green spaces meet the needs of the whole community;
  • ensure green space enhances the quality of the local environment for residents, visitors and wildlife; and
  • involve the community in future maintenance and development.

Why is green space important?

Green open space is a vital component in creating and maintaining a balanced urban environment and is increasingly recognised as an essential ‘quality of life’ resource.

Green space provides a number of functions and benefits within the urban fabric of our towns and cities and offers significant opportunities to develop and enhance the social, recreational, environmental, physical and mental health, educational and economic well being of our community.

Why do we need a strategy?

As Britain’s first new town, Stevenage was designed with a great deal of emphasis on green space and its importance in helping to create a thriving community. Existing features such as hedgerows and lanes, ponds, woodlands and veteran trees were retained and used to create open space, wildlife corridors and an immediate sense of place and many of these features still exist today.

The importance of green space within Stevenage and the contribution that it makes to the health, wellbeing, image and identity of the town has been recognised and it is essential that the quality and quantity of green space, together with its accessible nature, is maintained, and where appropriate, further enhanced.

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