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Council tax charges are published each year together with information about how the charges are assessed and who is has to pay.


Those people who pay Council Tax are known as 'Liable Persons'. A Liable Person is someone who has the greater interest in a dwelling, for example:

  • Resident Owner
  • Resident Leaseholder
  • Resident Tenant
  • Resident Licensee
  • Resident
  • Non-Resident Owner (unoccupied dwellings)

In some special cases where a dwelling is unoccupied or where rooms are let separately and the residents share facilities, the owner is the liable person.

Married people and couples will be jointly and severally liable, as will residents living together who all share the same interest in a dwelling, for example, joint owners or joint leaseholders.

The full Council Tax

The Council sets the Council Tax each year, taking into consideration its budget requirement, the County Council’s precept, the Hertfordshire Police precept, Government Grants and the expected number of properties in each band, taken over the year as a whole.

The amount set is for band D and will be chargeable on all dwellings in that band. Dwellings above and below band D pay proportionally more or less Council Tax.

Yearly Band D proportions

Proportion (ninths) of Band D2022/232023/242024/25
A - 6/9£1,318.59£1,383.96£1,450.67
B - 7/9£1,538.34£1,614.62£1,692.45
C - 8/9£1,758.11£1,845.29£1,934.24
The Band D£1,977.88£2,075.94£2,176.01
E -11/9£2,417.42£2,537.26£2,659.57
F -13/9£2,856.93£2,998.59£3,143.13
G -15/9£3,296.47£3,459.90£3,626.68
H -18/9£3,955.76£4,151.88£4,352.02

The bill for a property in band A will always be 2/3rds of the bill for a property in band D, whereas the bill for a property in band H will always be twice the bill for band D. Band H properties will pay 3 times the amount payable by properties in band A.

Let the council know

Where a Discount or Exemption has been awarded, there is an obligation to notify the Council, in writing, within 21 days of any changes, now or in the future, which may affect your entitlement.

The law requires that changes affecting Benefit entitlement be notified immediately.

Any other information

If you want any more information about Council Tax please contact the Council’s Revenues Division. The telephone number of the person dealing with your account is shown on your bill.

How can I check that the Band is correct?

The Valuation Office Agency set the Band on your property. The council charge you the Council Tax based on this assessment.

Form of Authority

Please fill in and return the Form of Authority (Council Tax) if you would like us to talk or write to somebody else on your behalf.

Further information

Council Tax in Hertfordshire

Police and Crime Commissioner precept

Contact details

Benefit enquiries
Stevenage Borough Council
Benefits Service
Daneshill House
Tel: 01438 242440

Opening times: 9am to 5 pm Monday to Friday

Banding enquiries
Listing Officer
Council Tax East
Valuation Office Agency
Ground Floor
Ferrers House
Castle Meadow Road
Tel: 03000 501501

Council Tax General Enquiries

East Herts and Stevenage Borough Council
Pegs Lane
SG13 8EQ

01438 242875