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The Mayor of Stevenage for 2021/22 is Councillor Sandra Barr.

Sandra Barr Stevenage Mayor 2021/22

Role of the Mayor

The Mayor, as the first citizen of the town, is the recognised spokesperson and representative on all civic and ceremonial occasions and is the figurehead of the community that the council serves.

Mayoral Engagements Process

The Mayor attends many functions during their year in office.

If you wish to invite the Mayor to your event please fill in an enquiry form online.

Mayor Engagement Invitation request - opens new window

Please note a telephone call is not confirmation that the Mayor will attend an event. A provisional booking will be made in the civic diary until a written invitation has been received (by email or post). An engagement form will be forwarded on to the organisation. On receipt of this information, the booking will be confirmed.

Protocol for a Mayoral Visit

As the First Citizen for Stevenage, the Mayor, Councillor Sandra Barr should be accorded precedence on all occasions when she is present throughout the Borough.

The only exception to this is when an event is attended by a member of the Royal Family or when Her Majesty is represented on official occasions in the District by the Lord Lieutenant Mr Robert Voss CBE or one of his Deputies (name to be confirmed by the Lord Lieutenant’s office).

Upon arrival at a function, the Mayor should be met and greeted by the organiser and introduced to the assembled company.

The formal announcement of the Mayor is ‘Mayor of Stevenage, Councillor Sandra Barr'.

Please address the Mayor as ‘Madam Mayor’ and the Mayoress ‘Madam Mayoress’.

The Mayor's correct title is the Mayor of Stevenage. After formal introductions, speakers should refer to the Mayor as ‘Madam Mayor’.

In the event of the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Mrs Margaret Notley attending a function, the same courtesies should be extended to her.

Please address the Deputy Mayor as ‘Madam Deputy Mayor’ and the Deputy Mayoress 'Madam Deputy Mayoress’.

Mayor’s Fund

The beneficiaries for 2021/22 are:

  • Larwood Academy School Outreach Programme
  • Stevenage Day Centre for Adults with Learning Disabilities
  • Stevenage Festival of Dance

Making a donation

If you wish to make a donation to the current Mayor’s Fund you can do so online, using the link below.

Make a donation to the Mayor’s Fund - opens new window

Alternatively you can forward cash or a cheque (payable to Mayor’s Fund) to the Mayor’s Office, at the address below.

All donations will be acknowledged and receipted.

Mayor's Office

Mayor's Office
Stevenage Borough Council
Daneshill House

01438 242227