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Part 1 - Summary and Explanation

Our Constitution explains how we operate and how decisions are made. We follow procedures so that the decisions we make and the actions we take are clear and understood by local people. Some of these procedures are required by law, while other procedures are ones that we have chosen to follow.

Part 2 - Articles of the Constitution

The Constitution's 14 articles set out the basic rules that govern the Council's business.

  • Article 1 - The Constitution
  • Article 2 - Members of the Council
  • Article 3 - Citizens and the Council
  • Article  4 - The Council
  • Article 5 - The Mayor and Youth Mayor
  • Article 6 - Scrutiny
  • Article 7 - The Executive
  • Article 8 - The Standards Committee, Regulatory and other Committees
  • Article 9 - Joint Arrangements and Joint Committees
  • Article 10 - Officers
  • Article 11 - Decision-making
  • Article  12 - Finance, contracts and legal matters
  • Article 13 - Monitoring and Revision of the Constitution
  • Article 14 - Suspension, interpretation and publication of the Constitution

Part 3 - Responsibility for Functions

'Responsibility for Functions' including who is responsible for what function within the Council.

Part 4 - Rules for procedure

  • 'Standing Orders' including Council Meetings, Committees and the Code of Conduct for Members.
  • 'Access to Information Procedure' including rules regarding information on Council meetings, the rights of the public regarding the disclosure of information, information which cannot be made public and decisions made.
  • 'Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules' including the process for developing the budget and policy framework, resolving conflict, the transfer of budgetary funds and decisions.
  • 'Executive Procedure Rules' including who the Leader delegates responsibility to and sub-delegation, Executive meetings, Conflicts of Interest and agenda items.
  • 'Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules' including how arrangements are made for scrutiny, who can be involved in scrutiny and who cannot, reports of scrutiny and details of when a Councillor can be "called-in" regarding a matter or issue.
  • 'Financial Regulations' including Financial Management (budgetary control and budget setting), Risk Management (audits and fraud) and Financial Systems and Procedures.
  • 'Contract Standing Orders' including rules regarding contracts below £75,000, contracts between £75,001 and the EU threshold and contracts above the EU threshold.
  • 'Officer Employment Procedure Rules' including the appointment and recruitment of officers, disciplinary action and dismissal.

Part 5 - Codes and Protocols

  • In December 2022 Stevenage Borough Council adopted a new Code of Conduct for elected and co-opted Members
  • 'Protocol for relationships between Members and Officers' including the role of Members, Officers and the relationships between Members and Officers.
  • Employees Code of Conduct' including principles, relations, equality, whistleblowing and rewards, gifts and hospitality.

Part 6 - Members' Allowances Scheme

'Members' Allowances Scheme' including allowances paid to Members and Special Responsibility Allowances paid to others such as the Leader of the Council and Executive Members. 

Part 7 - Organisational Structure

Please contact us if you require a hard copy of the Constitution.

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