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We have created a natural burial ground at Almond Lane Cemetery which will develop over the years.

Natural surroundings

So that future generations can walk and sit in an area that is alternative to the more traditional approach, there will be no fixed headstones or memorials but rather a carved wooden marker placed horizontally on the grave.

The burial plots will be dug to single depth allowing in time for the grave to become part of the landscape.

Embalming can cause pollution by introducing formaldehyde to the soil; we therefore ask that bodies are not embalmed.

Only biodegradable coffins, caskets and their linings may be selected for burial; these include cardboard, wicker or soft woods. Your local funeral director or supplier should be able to provide information about what is available.

Ashes can be buried in the natural burial ground; either loose or in a biodegradable container. Again, your funeral director or supplier will be able to help you with this.


The trees will offer foliage wildlife and shade. To maintain the healthy growth of trees, it will be necessary to manage them by removing the trees that have not flourished.

As trees need a certain amount of space to develop, it will not be appropriate to plant a tree on each burial plot.

The cemetery will be managed to produce healthy trees and will not be maintained in the usual manner. Therefore, at times, the Natural Burial Glade may not have the appearance of traditional cemeteries.


Before placing freshly cut flowers on the burial plots, please remove the cellophane, ribbons and non-biodegradable wrapping.

Flowers and wreaths placed upon each burial plot at the time of the burial will be removed once the flowers have died.

Artificial flowers are not permitted and no vases or containers should be left. Planting or cultivation in the burial ground is not permitted and we reserve the right, without prior notice, to remove any items that are not in keeping with the natural habitat we are creating.


Grass cutting will occur at the appropriate times to encourage and promote natural habitats. Please be especially careful to avoid trips and falls on grassy areas.

Please remember that this is a natural burial ground, it is therefore necessary to wear appropriate footwear and clothing when visiting the site or attending services.


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